Manufacture of natural honey and bee products from own hives. Bee reg. N: 4150В - 0458

About us


Iter-Co Ltd. was founded in 2014 and the main activity is wholesale trade with Bulgarian dairy products for countries both in Europe and worldwide.

In the course of its development, two years later, it continues its activity in beekeeping. We created our own beehive, located in an ecologically clean area - the southern foot of the Chirpan Heights, rich in honey plants and herbs. We adhere to the millennial tradition, while taking into account the modern tendencies in beekeeping. We have developed and mobile beekeeping, which allows us to select and offer monoflorous honey.

We care for our bee families in the most natural way - during the meadows, we do not feed our bee families with any syrups or other substances widely used in our day in general but which have a negative impact on the taste and healing qualities of honey and bee Pollen. Thus our bees provide us with the raw material to produce the final product only from the varied flora in our beekeeping area.

Even in winter we strive to feed insects with syrup only when it's really necessary. In this way, we adhere to the traditions of the old beekeepers and, although it is very labor intensive and responsible, we create a quality and environmentally friendly product.

Our honey is completely natural, we do not add any impurities to it. It reaches users directly from the hive. We preserve as much as possible its taste and healing properties. So you can be sure that you will put at your table an entirely natural food for your body, your senses and your health.